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SALE: Comics/TV/Movies Promo Items

URGENT MOVING SALE: PART ONE: I have four days to clear out as much of my stuff as possible before moving cross-country to a smaller home. D:

For the sake of my sanity, this is ONLY promo goods. Other pop culture stuff will be in separate posts. If you want an item from here and you want to see what else I have before finalizing, let me know. However, I can NOT do holds. If you want an item, you must pay for it now. I will combine shipping later on any other items you'd like.

Here's the guide to the post. Items marked 09 are from SDCC 09; 08 are from SDCC 08. D*C 09= Dragon*con '09. I decided to organize them by category instead. Anything I photographed (on Flickr) for SDCC 09 which is NOT listed, a) I want to keep or b) didn't think anyone would want it. If there is something you just HAVE to have . . . ask me about it. I do not have photos of absolutely everything. If you absolutely need a photo, ask me.

Cost/Shipping: Items are priced by type/size. You MUST pay for shipping/handling, even on small items, since I have to put it in a mailer. I'm sorry but I don't have extra supplies or time. I can ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL, and you must not send eChecks because they take too long to clear. Sorry but "time crunch" is a grave understatement.
Price guide (unless item otherwise marked):
Postcards/small paper items: $0.50 each
Pins: $0.50 each, or 4 for $1.00
Shirts: prices listed w/items
Promo size posters: $2 each
Medium posters: $5 each
Movie-size/large posters: $10 each

Shipping guide: if you buy multiple light items that will fit in the same package, there is NO additional cost to mail
Pickup Available for Chicago area (you MUST come to me, sorry), I am in NW burbs - FREE
Shipping Cost (US) for small posters: $5 (first class, includes mailer cost)
Shipping Cost (US) for medium and movie-size posters: $7 (first class, includes mailer cost)
Shipping Cost (US) for shirts, items too bulky for mailer: $5.35 (priority mail, includes box cost)
Shipping Cost (US) for anything that can go in a mailer: $3.00 (first class, includes padded mailer)

HOW TO BUY: Leave a comment on this post with the items you want. If more than one person wants the same thing, it'll be first come first serve. On higher priced/LE items, if you really want to have a bidwar you're welcome to; just reply to the post of the person who beat you to it. I get email notifications and will get back to you as soon as possible. If you do NOT have an LJ ACCOUNT, just select "anonymous", and please give me a Twitter username or something I can call you. I will then give you a total and my PayPal account.

FEEDBACK: check my eBay account here</a> under kzar* or my Etsy feedback here under House of Darkly.

10 Robot Chicken Star Wars postcard
10 Blackest Night postcard
10 DC/Google postcard (WW, Superman, Batman/Robin, GL, Supergirl)
10(?) Evangelion 1.0 oversized postcard (super cool)

09 Namco oversized glossy paper Pacman "watch"
09 Soul Eater postcard
09 Sanctuary postcard
09 Team Jacob Burger King crown (lol)
09 Mighty Boosh postcard (hazeltea is a fan, right?)
09 Aion postcard x2 (they had a beta code but I forgot about it . . .)
09 Doctor Who postcard
09 Being Human postcard
09 Fox postcard book, choose series or take all:
24; American Dad; Bones; Cleveland Show; Dollhouse; Family Guy Star Wars; Fringe; Glee; Simpsons 20th; Sons of Anarchy

08 Fringe oversize promo card
08 Bionic Woman lenticular card
08 Spiderwick Chronicles lenticular card (v. cool)

?? Mirrormask promo card
Misc. origin The Orphanage/Il Orphanario (Guillermo del Toro produced)
Misc. origin Wild Arms 3 postcard
Misc. origin Final Fantasy: Advent Children postcard x2

Posters listed as promo are roughly the same small size (maybe 8x16); full posters are varying sizes of "large" (around 18x24); "movie" are movie size (usually 24x36); "medium" are between promo and full.

10 Tron Legacy poster from Tron Night x1 (thought I had another extra but can't find it) (movie)

10 Buried teaser poster (not the final movie theater design, IMO this is a great/better design) (movie)

10 special LE Captain America concept art poster (promo)

10 Expendables movie

10 Glee promo
10 The Walking Dead comic/TV promo poster

09 Tiny Titans/Shazam: very cute retro art
09 Dark Horse mini-poster: Star Wars, Dr. Horrible, Hellboy . . .

09 (?) Join the BPRD poster (promo)

09 Batman and Robin poster
09 Green Lantern Blackest Night poster (full)

09 Aion poster x2 promo
09 Legion poster promo
09 Iron Man suits poster x2 promo

09 really cool retro Superman poster (medium)

D*C 09 The Dark Knight promo size poster x2
D*C 09 Tropic Thunder promo size poster

</strike>08 RARE Cloverfield first promo poster, w/working/code title "MONSTROUS" (movie; very heavy/glossy paper)</strike>
08 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian promo size poster

08 Eagle Eye (promo)
08 Transformers 2 x2 (promo)
08 X-Files (promo)

08 Devil May Cry 4 (full) x2
08 D*C Quantum of Solace early design teaser poster x2 (movie)
08 D*C Quantum of Solace v2, shadow teaser (1st promo poster) (movie)
08 Acen? Code Geass (movie)
07 Star Trek logo poster (movie)
?? Stardust promo poster
?? The Golden Compass promo poster

Misc origin Exit Through the Gift Shop (Banksy) poster (movie)
Misc origin Grease : The Sing-Along promo poster
Misc origin Avatar double-sided poster (movie), damaged. Would still probably frame okay. Reverse side is desaturated ver. of same image, printed backwards (designed for window displays in movie theaters). Just pay cost of mailing if you buy Avatar shirt.
Misc origin Real Bout High School poster (medium)
Misc origin Berserk illustration (full)
Misc origin Zone of Enders poster (medium)
Misc origin Sakura Wars poster (medium~full)
Misc origin R.O.D. (Read Or Die) poster (medium)
Misc origin Myst novels poster (promo)

Misc origin Mission Impossible / Apple Computer promo poster (not perfect, but still good)
Misc origin ILM poster (medium) (double-sided, not in great condition, was my brother's)
Misc origin Star Wars promo poster (original trilogy from first re-release, also not in great condition)

I also have a full set of the first edition Think Different posters, which were chewed up a bit in shipping when we bought them. Would probably look fine framed, but we never got to it and forgot they were in there. Thought I'd mention it, I might try eBaying them . . .

Shirts have NEVER BEEN WORN unless noted

Avatar t-shirt, size L, want to sell for fair price. Iconic first logo/image, of Neytiri's face. LE design, date/logo on back. There is ALSO a poster, but it was damaged down the middle in shipping. If you want the shirt, I'll give you the poster (you have to pay for the shipping on the poster since I can't mail them in the same package.) - $15

Star Trek promo shirt, logo on chest, stardate on back, size XL - $10
Slusho Cloverfield/Bad Robot shirt, size XL - $10
Sherlock Holmes promo shirt, size M (wore once briefly, has been washed obviously), logo on chest, bridge on back. - $5
The Event shirt, size M, just noticed small discolorations near collar. Look like they'd wash out. - $5
Lost Final Season shirt, size M, from Hawaii premiere - $5
Shojo Beat magazine girl's/junior cut tee, cap sleeve with ribbing, size S. $5

Threshold embroidered hat: very nice quality hat, adjustable, for the short-lived (but well-liked) sci-fi series. Had to answer survey to get one, not a standard freebie. $3

RIPT apparel Daleksicle shirt: I bought the wrong size like an idiot because I thought it'd be too small. Not of opinion that it would shrink enough for me (too long), so sadly have to pass it on to someone else. Would trade if yours is too small for you :P - $10

Smokey design LOST LE shirt, sold out very fast, from DCaaPB 2; forgot I had it, maybe should pass on. Size M, shirts run small/shrink so more like large-ish S. -$30

10 Dead Space 2 inflatable plasma cutter

09 Prisoner (AMC) #6 tattoo and nifty hidden message deal
09 Buffy the Vampire Slayer tote - it's actually quite nice, could use as bag for shopping.
09 Cartoon Network temp. tattoos
09 Superman temp tattoo
09 Scribblenauts temp tattoo
09 Gears of War comic - putting this one on in particular since I thought there might be interest
09 Whiteout carabiner
09 Jonah Hex temp tattoos x4
09 Fringe newspaper
09 Batman Arkham Asylum chattering teeth
09 Heroes compass
09/D*C 09 Vampire Diaries hand sanitizer (red; lol!)

09 True Blood LE comic
08 Indiana Jones special oversize promo booklet for Crystal Skull, featuring full-color images of Drew Struzan's classic poster art/concepts for the entire Indy series
08 Maple Story trading card game booster pack
08 Big Bang Theory mousepad
08 Batman Brave and the Bold fan, comes w. Lego Batman flyer
08 Magic the Gathering Planeswalker 30 card deck
08 assorted trading card promos (free w.other item): Jericho, Heroes, Star Wars (playing card of Obi Wan), Supernatural, Charmed, 4400, Naruto (Sakura), Buffy anniv., Dark Rising (lol), Golden Compass, Doctor Who, Zorro
08 Knight Rider bumper stickers x2
AX probably: NieA_7 fan: quite sturdy, lovely Yoshitoshi ABe art, would look nice on a wall.

?? 3rd Rock from the Sun floaty pen


10 Dexter x2
10 Ugly Americans x2

09 Star Trek USB drive (it has a pin on the back, as well) - $5
09 Dexter baby (don't watch the show XD; )
09 Final Destination 3D (lenticular)
09 Paper Heart (comes w.postcard)
09 Pins from Syfy set, available: Chiller, Sanctuary, Caprica, Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, Scare Tactics
09 Lego Rockband x2

(all items just barely visible in this photo)
08 Vote Petrelli Heroes pin, oversized campaign style - $1.50
08 Stargate: Ark of Truth
08 Sanctuary
08 Pinehearst lapel pin/brochure set (Heroes) - $2
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