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29 April 2011 @ 05:58 pm
SALE: Western Goods: Toys, Comics, Art, Vintage, ETC  
URGENT MOVING SALE: PART 2: I have two days to clear out as much of my stuff as possible before moving cross-country to a smaller home. D:

Payment/Shipping: Items are priced by type/size. You MUST pay for shipping/handling, even on small items, since I have to put it in a mailer. I'm sorry but I on't have extra supplies or time. I can ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL, and you must not send eChecks because they take too long to clear. Sorry but "time crunch" is a grave understatement. If there is NO PRICE LISTED, or you do not like the price, make me a reasonable offer. I did my best to price but under the time pressure I will consider any offer.

Shipping guide: if you buy multiple light items that will fit in the same package, there is NO additional cost to mail
Pickup Available for Chicago area (you MUST come to me, sorry), I am in NW burbs - FREE
Shipping Cost (US) for small paper goods, small items: $5 (first class, includes mailer cost)
Shipping Cost (US) for medium and movie-size posters: $7 (first class, includes mailer cost)
Shipping Cost (US) for prints: $9 (Priority mail in special heavy mailer)
Shipping Cost (US) for shirts, other items as many as will fit in SM box: $5.35 (priority mail, includes box cost)
Shipping Cost (US) for anything that can go in a mailer: $3.00 (first class, includes padded mailer)

FEEDBACK: check my eBay account here under kzar* or my Etsy feedback here under House of Darkly.

TO BUY: Leave a comment with the items you want. If you do not have an LJ account, you can post anonymously; please leave a Twitter name etc so I have something to call you. I'll reply with a total and where to send payment. If more than one person wants the same item, it's first come first served unless you want to make a higher "offer" on the item.

San Diego Comic Con/movie/TV/comics promotional items (everything from pins and postcards to full-size posters)
Japanese origin goods, manga, anime, toys, goods
Cosplay items
Japanese brand fashion

Realized I will be losing much of my wall space, have to sell some of my unframed prints. Will come in their original mailing tubes (very sturdy). I am not posting pics because the target audience knows what these are. If you're interested and need photos of the whole print, just ask.
Tyler Stout Iron Man 2 print - 118/515

Olly Moss DCaaPB Series 2 final print - 265/500 - claimed by ****
Guy Burwell DCaaPB Series 2 print - 316/550 - $50
Tyler Stout DCaaPB Series 1 final/gallery show litho (don't want to part w/this but I have more than I can ever hang :( )

LOST prints: see above

iPod touch skin from DCaaPB - $15 claimed by a*******
13.3" laptop skin from DCaaPB - $25 : One of those ironic things where I have to sell the cover to afford the thing it covers. lol. Neither has been used/opened. claimed by m*


Ron English MC Supersize keychain/figure - $3
Toy2R 2.5" Qee, Voltaire, red version - SOLD


Walt Disney World Resort lanyard, black, includes 2 LE pins: selling extras. Choose pin pair; Donald and Mickey with cards, or Animal Kingdom pair. Perfect for displaying your Disney pin collection while at the park (so I hear). - $4 ea., will sell both for $6

Rare Yujin Disney Coquetic Cute Friends Bambi figure w/base (would trade for Orange Bird or Stitch) / box side pic - $10

Disney Vinylmation Park 4: Tomorrowland Astro Orbiter. No box but includes card. Not displayed, perfect condition. - $10 OBO; back / foot

Disney Vinylmation Park 4: Tower of Terror. No box but includes card. Not displayed, perfect condition. - $25 OBO; back / foot

Disney Vinylmation Park 4: Finding Nemo Submarine. No box but includes card. Not displayed, perfect condition. - $25 OBO; back / foot


He-Man figures, were played with but very gently. Minor paint rubs, very minimal dirt. $5 each. Also seem to have a gray chest armor thing, do not know which figure it was with, will include free w/purchase.
Man-E Faces: do not believe we have the weapon, will mail separately if I come across it later.
Man-at-Arms: I HAVE the mace; I believe I have the other armor piece but can't find it. I will mail it to you separately when I do if need be.


Barbie Tommy and Kelly as Batman and Catwoman Pink Label figure set from 2008 - $25 - opened, Batman was removed, not played with. Very detailed and cute.

Star Wars animated bank - works fine last I checked, has been well cared for. Figures move back and forth, plays music and audio when you put in coins or press the button. With original box.

Beatles Yellow Submarine Ringo Starr figure (McFarlane) - Surprisingly articulated, very nice execution of these iconic animated designs. Blue Meanie is MIA. Some scuffs, look like ones that might come off with a gentle clean though.
Austin Powers Felicity Shagwell figure (McFarlane - good condition, no major scuffs, some dust. Do not have base or accessories; may find them. If they turn up, happy to mail them separately. Think she might be good for customizing.

The Matrix (first film) action figures, Cypher and Switch: remember when The Matrix blew your mind, and it wasn't a trilogy? Me too. I also remember when movie tie-in figures were super nice. These are super nice, still carded.

Reboot MOC(ish) Bob figure, book set - don't really want to sell but happy to pass on to enthusiastic new home. $8 set

X-Files Scully action figure, rare variant (different color suit): card not in good condition but figure fine (I'm not an MOC girl personally). Comes with cell phone and horribly mutilated corpse!

TOYS NOT PICTURED: I have a large number of miscellaneous toys I did not have time to photograph. Please inquire. Box of misc. Playmobilfigures and accessories; fairly large American Girl collection; lots of Barbie dolls, accessories, clothing from the 80s and early 90s, as well as a recent fairy set; vintage Fisher Price; some vintage My Little Pony.


Note: I JUST found a Back to the Future movie-size poster from the special AMC event last year. adding here since this post is more recent; will sell for $10. No pic yet, sorry, classic image of Doc and Marty with Delorean and flame trails.

ET: The Extraterrestrial Parker Brothers card game, belt : both in great condition for age. No cards missing from card game, box has some wear. Belt has no discolorations, stains, etc. BELT SOLD
Star Trek: The Next Generation sticker sheet, x1 available x1 claimed: I have no idea where these came from.
Superman II movie book: super cool with "Daily Planet" cover
Batman Forever trading cards, nearly full set, including rare cards - SOLD

X-Files fold out map, shows story locations/trivia (somehow I have 2 of these)
X-Files trading card game, 60 card starter deck in box w/instructions + 15 extra cards
X-Files Fight the Future trading cards, x7, includes mystery insert card (heat sensitive hidden image)

X-files comics, includes comics digest #1, #3. Issues 1-3 numbered edition; Special edition #2 and #3 (collects 4-6, 7-9); Annual #1, #2; also issues #7, #17-21. All but annual #1 labelled direct sales. Will mail in protective bags they've been kept in.


FDQ/ Fashion Doll Quarterly summer 2007, Sci-Fi issue
FDQ/ Fashion Doll Quarterly spring 2006

MAKE Magazine, issues 06 (robots, LED throwies) and 07 (plant hacks, rocket camcorder)

TV Guide: July 22-28 1995: Dean Cain (Lois&Clark) cover, B5 and DS9
TV Guide: July 27-Aug 2 1996: Women's Olympics basketball cover, Star Trek, B5
TV Guide: July 5-11 1997: Babylon 5 cover, Earth: Final Conflict & Stargate (TV)
TV Guide: Jan 20-26, 1996: Sci-Fi and Fantasy issue; Xena/Hercules, Space: Above and Beyond cover
TV Guide: July 15-21, 1995: Summer Sci-fi Issue: Voyager cover, X-Files comic, MST3K movie

TV Guide set: Star Trek 30th, August 24-30. All 4 covers (Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway)

Entertainment Weekly "special obsessive compulsive collector's edition" Star Trek mag, Jan 1995
Entertainment Weekly Star Wars cover (ep. 1), preview of Angel, May 21, 1999

Rolling Stone X-Files cover (Gillian Anderson horror pin-up shoot), Chris Carter interview, Feb 20 1997

Comic Book Day: The Invincible Iron Man #1
The Stranded / Virgin Comics/ SciFi
07 SDCC Beowulf
07 preview Voodoo Child: Nicolas/Weston Cage
07 preview John Woo's 7 Brothers: Garth Ennis/Jeevan Kang
Hellboy The Golden Army special promo, Liz cover: Mike Mignola/Francisco Ruiz Velasco
Gears of War issues 1&2 (combo issue)
X-Men movie comic (first) x2 - promo given out on opening day.

Big City Comics: issues 1-8 of Totem, 2-8 of Dragon Cross, 3+4 of Tempest, 2+3 of Omega One: IDK, someone handed me these for no clear reason. Art's not bad.

Vintage Comics, DC:
The Legacy of Superman, #1
Superman: The Man of Steel, #44 (May 95)
Checkmate #14, april 89

Vintage Comics, Marvel:
Spiderman / Punisher "Family Plot" #1 of 2
Book of the Dead "Frankenstein Must Die" direct edition (believe these are re-publication of Astonishing Tales stories)

X-Men #27 Dec 93
The Uncanny X-Men Annual P3 Kings of Pain #15 1991
X-Men Classic "Enter-- Rogue!" #62 Aug 1991. Story by Chris Claremont, Mike Mignola cover!
What If… Phoenix Rose Again? vol 2 #33 Jan 1992
X-Men Phalanx Covenant: Generation Next P4, vol 1 #37, holographic cover
Factor-X #4 Jun 1995
X-Factor #112 July 95
X Factor #82 Sept 1992, Quesada cover
X-Factor #6 Jul 1986
X-Factor Special TPB "Prisoner of Love" (Beast)
Flashback The X-Men -1 direct edition July 97
Universe X Special Edition Wizard/Marvel, supplement to Wizard 106, Alex Ross pencil sketches
The All New Exiles, issue "infinity" x2, 1995
Generation X #1, foil cover

Vintage Comics, Misc. Publisher:
Triumphant: Unleashed, #0, numbered 06911 of 31,000
Image: Union, #3 Dec 93
Image: Youngblood Strikefile #4
Top Cow: Darkness "holiday pinup special", AE exclusive
Epic Comics: Clive Barker's Hellraiser TPB; different artists/styles, very cool
Wizard/Event: Ash mini-comic from Wizard #53
Awesome Ent: Judgment Day Sourcebook #1 (Alan Moore), AE exclusive


BPAL x Neil Gaiman LE tiny bottles (imps?): Neverwhere and The Magician x2 each; also x1 of "Irredeemable" based on comic. (I'm highly allergic to most perfumes so I can't keep these. They haven't been opened. Please note I have to mail them in a BOX so they don't break.) $5.35 to ship (priority mail for safety, they will be well packed), $1 for each imp. Will sell all five, shipped, for $8. SOLD

Red and Black "Monk" style Unisex TUK Creepers: US W8 -

Additional: side / tread / box
Description: Brand new; I have an exceptionally narrow ankle and many shoes don't fit me. Might run on the small end of 8. TUK are the best quality creepers you can buy. Sneaker-style doubled stacked sole. I think this style is being discontinued and TUK no longer has this size. I found one tiny silverish dot and *very* faint scuffs on the sole - don't know where they came from since I didn't wear these, would probably come off. (SORRY about the image quality on these, my camera is in the shop; had to use one I got in a swap. :X )
Sizing: US W8, US M6, UK 5, EU39

DEMONIA brand Gothic/Cyber/Jrock Platform Boots: US W8 MEGA-618, 5" Platform! $75

Additional: detail 1 / detail 2
Color: Black PU (matte black faux leather)
Description: Awesome Demonia brand boots with five buckles up the side; zipper for easy on and off. These are the Mega-618 style, with the higher 5" platform - it's actually almost 6". These boots are UNWORN - I took one look at the platform height and decided it was overkill for me. :3 Material is veg-friendly black faux leather/pleather (PU = polyurethane) in matte black. NOTE: These ARE my photos, not manufacturer ones!
Sizing: Men's US 6 / Women's US 8

Doc Marten 14-eye boots with side zip, "Miranda": US W8, $130 OBO

Additional: view 2 / side
Color: Black leather
Description: Love these boots so much I bought a second pair for when the first wore out, but they're not showing any signs of wearing out! So selling these. Never worn, maybe a faint scuff or two from shop wear (would probably come right off). Heel slightly higher than toe, adds some height without looking like a platform (height at back is 2"). Toe a bit wider and more rounded than women's work-type boots usually are, gives more room in the toe and also a bit more interesting silhouette. DMs are a classic choice to dress up or down; famous sole provides great impact cushioning so they wear more like a sneaker than a boot. The original "investment boot", they'll last you for years.
Sizing: Women's US 8

O'Clock Watch - $36

Pic 2 Description: O'Clock Watch, very cool modern watch with a black slip-on silicone band (like novelty wristbands). Italian-made/designed and water-resistant. Size M, very close in circumference to the same size in wristbands. My wrists are 6" and it's a bit too loose for me. I measure the band at just between 6.5 and 6.75"; should be right for 6.5" wrist?

Vintage/antique leather gloves - $10
Don't know size. Pretty small; I wear a small size glove and usually they're too big; these fit me. Still wearable, but probably better as a display piece. Don't notice any damage or cracking to leather, they're black or possibly very very dark purple.

Leg Avenue brand purple and black narrow stripe tights, sz. 1X-2X (bought wrong ones d'oh) - $5

White Land's End one piece ribbed swimsuit sz 14, NWT - $18
regular 14; high cut leg and square neck. Marked "not quite perfect" but I can't find anything wrong with it. I never wore it, purchased for a costume that fell through.

totally random 1.25" buttons - top 3 $1.50 each, lower ones free w/purchase

Chicken Run DVD, never played
Tetris Plus for PS (also works on PS2)

Gameboy Advance SP with case, good for hacks? Also found some cards in it, Pinball and Excite Bike. Will mail you one free with any purchase on request.

PaulLOST_4815162342 on May 1st, 2011 03:23 am (UTC)
I'll take the E.T. belt please


PaulLOST_4815162342 on May 1st, 2011 03:38 am (UTC)
and the Star Wars bank too :)
Lelio: beauty beastsweetestillness on May 1st, 2011 04:22 am (UTC)
Could I get the Voltaire Quee and all the BPAL imps, please?
あやかayakasan on May 1st, 2011 05:01 pm (UTC)
Sure thing. $11 shipped okay? Mostly covering the priority mail cost; I think that's the only really safe way to ship those imps so they don't break.

BTW if you saw any postcard/pin size things from my other post you wanted, lmk, can stick 'em in there too.

PP is missayaka AT mac DOT com
Lelio: raaaaaaaaainsweetestillness on May 1st, 2011 05:08 pm (UTC)
$11 sounds great! Yeah, I don't even want to imagine what a box full of smashed BPAL would smell like. D: I'll send the money right now, thank you!
あやかayakasan on May 1st, 2011 05:41 pm (UTC)
I actually JUST found a second imp of the Irredeemable one so HEY BONUS. Will mail tomorrow
Lelio: conan thumbs upsweetestillness on May 1st, 2011 05:48 pm (UTC)
Oh, awesome! xD Are you sure you don't want me to pay you for it?