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SALE: Cosplay, Brand Clothing, JRock

URGENT MOVING SALE: PART THREE: I have four days to clear out as much of my stuff as possible before moving cross-country to a smaller home. D:

If you want an item from here and you want to see what else I have before finalizing, let me know. However, I can NOT do holds. If you want an item, you must pay for it now. I will combine shipping later on any other items you'd like.

Payment/Shipping: Items are priced by type/size. You MUST pay for shipping/handling, even on small items, since I have to put it in a mailer. I'm sorry but I don't have extra supplies or time. I can ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL, and you must not send eChecks because they take too long to clear. Sorry but "time crunch" is a grave understatement.

Shipping guide: if you buy multiple light items that will fit in the same package, there is NO additional cost to mail
Pickup Available for Chicago area (you MUST come to me, sorry), I am in NW burbs - FREE
Shipping Cost (US) for small posters: $5 (first class, includes mailer cost)
Shipping Cost (US) for medium and movie-size posters: $7 (first class, includes mailer cost)
Shipping Cost (US) for wigs, items too bulky for mailer: $5.35 (priority mail, includes box cost)
Shipping Cost (US) for anything that can go in a mailer: $3.00 (first class, includes padded mailer)

FEEDBACK: check my eBay account here</a> under kzar* or my Etsy feedback here under House of Darkly.

Please just ask if you have a question. :)


Wig #2 dark blue bob w/bangs - Sepia Cindy in Midnight Blue NWT - $27

Classic pageboy style wig, great for lots of characters. Soft and thick. The color on this one is more like 65/35 royal blue and black; partially because it's shinier than the Kelly, the color reads more as a dark royal blue. Skin crown.

Wig #3 Emerald green bob - Sepia Cindy in Emerald NWT- $27

Same style as above. Very lovely and soft bob, beautiful rich green color, thick and shiny. Skin at the very top. The Cindy is sort of between shoulder and chin length, it's just the right length for most characters.

Wig #5 Blonde spiky - New Look Punky S in 613 NWT - $30

This is the SHORT punky style, the back part will only just sort of brush past your shoulders, so it's what you want for short styles. Natural floof means it's a cinch for spiking. I call this color "Cloud blonde". XD


Wig #8 Auburn bob - $25

Auburn "china doll" style by West Bay (better company). Worn once. Very pretty color!

Wig #9 Long mix blonde - $30

Sort of Farrah Fawcett-y style, mix blonde (not sure on exact color, strawberry blonde with perhaps cream). Skin crown, Eleora fiber. Worn once. Streetwear quality wig.

Wig #10 Bangless wet style blonde - $20

Worn several times, never styled; it came with "wet style", which needs to either be fixed up with some gel or brushed out. Has been trimmed. Mona Lisa brand.

EXTENSION HAIR - $3.50 a pack
I was planning to use all of this but it's taking up too much space :P
Zury Kanekalon Silky Braid Hot Pink x4
Kikko Silky Jumbo L. Purple (same as above, really, just different packager)
Kanekalon Tiara II Dark Blue x3 (x4, but one has been opened, you get a discount if you need it)
Black x4 (I thought one was opened, but it doesn't look like it . . .)


Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Kyouya Hibari Discipline Committee Armband: 100% new and licensed! ONLY ONE! - $30
Additional: pic 1 / pic 2 / pic 3
Description: 100% new, LICENSED and unopened/unused. Manufactured by COSPA, really high quality; NOT a cheap Chinese knockoff! Very high quality metallic embroidery on a velveteen fabric. Perfect for cosplay.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! school patch: 100% new and licensed! ONLY ONE! - $21
Additional: detail
Description: See above

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Varia patch: 100% new and licensed! ONLY ONE! - $16
Additional: detail
Description: See above

Vampire Knight necklace - 100% new and licensed! $32
Iconic design from Vampire Knight manga and anime. COSPA item, do not know material.

Sorry about the image quality on these, my camera is in the shop; had to use one I got in a swap. :X Traditional Japanese items, purchased for a friend who wound up not wanting them. With the terrible exchange rate and high cost of international shipping, this you'll save money getting the same NEW items from me!

White Stretch Tabi, size 22-24cm - $11

Description: Good choice under jikatabi, I've worn these inside non-stretch tabi before for comfort too. And of course they're great with regular shoes too!

Authentic Japanese-made waraji sandals - size 22cm - $15

Description: Having made my own waraji, these are beautifully made and will last. These will fit a Women's 6 or Men's 5 according to the size charts, because waraji are historically worn slightly "too small". (If you want to waterproof the soles, just ask me how.)

White 6-clasp Jikatabi with cushioned rubber soles, size 23.0cm (US Women's 6, Men's 5) - $42

Description: Unlike other tabi with rubber soles, these are actually like shoes. I have a pair of these and they're insanely comfortable.

Authentic Japanese type medical eye patch, unopened and unused - $15ea

Description: Japanese style eye patch, popular in lots of anime and manga (Evangelion, Air Gear, 07-Ghost, etc) Great for cosplay, guro loli. Comes with 4 gauze pads (pretty sure only one of the outside rubber part with the holes; the gauze goes underneath).


Bedazzler, with all accessories, unused, no box. (recycled it) - $5

White Gathering Foot for low shank machines, $2.99 retail: never used, bought "in case" and one came with my new machine.
Walking foot for low shank machines, retail $24.95, unknown brand (bought @sewing supply): The only presser foot to use on nap fabrics like velvet, even works on vinyl. Might have used once, one came with my new machine so I don't need two.
Bobbin pack (x10), for Brother/Babylock machines: unused, bought the wrong ones for my model. Model list is here.


Wooden katana style martial arts practice sword, with removable hilt - $25
Black sword, very thick/heavy wood with wrapped handle and removable tsuba. Gold dragon carved into blade. Sorry I have no photos, will point you to similar listing on Amazon if anyone is interested.

Danskin microfiber dance tights - $14
Had someone else pick these up for me and they sort of forgot about the whole "color" issue. So these were never used. Size C, which covers a range of about 120-160lbs and height of 5'3" to 5'9". Color is classic light toast, which I'd describe as a dark shade of nude, but with pink undertones; probably best match with a medium skin tone, or if your costume involves tanning spray for your upper body. See the style and color on the Danskin site here.

Vintage/antique leather gloves - $10
Classic style, come part way up arm with a flare. Don't know size. Pretty small; I wear a small size glove and usually they're too big; these fit me. Still wearable, but probably better as a display piece. Don't notice any damage or cracking to leather, they're black or possibly very very dark purple.

Leg Avenue brand purple and black narrow stripe tights, sz. 1X-2X (bought wrong ones d'oh) - $5

White Land's End one piece ribbed swimsuit sz 14, NWT - $18
regular 14; high cut leg and square neck. Marked "not quite perfect" but I can't find anything wrong with it. I never wore it, purchased for a costume that fell through.


Please feel free to ask questions. Items from a non-smoking home. I have a dog who is kept well away from my things but please be aware. I have feedback on eBay and also on Den of Angels if you are a member. Small note on measurements: I measure cm and inches separately, instead of converting, I think it's more accurate.

Shipping: Priority or first class domestic shipping options (USA) are listed for each item EXCEPT the shoes, insurance/other extra services is optional. I can ship internationally. If you live in the Chicago area, we can arrange in-person pickup.

Trades: I *may* consider trades or partial trades so you can ask but please don't be offended if I pass. I only wear punk/gothic brands; I've decided loli is not for me.

PRICING PLEASE READ I am well aware I may not get retail price on these items even though they are brand new - so I am listing the original price and then OBO. If it says "OBO from..." that is the minimum offer I will consider. Please make your best offer; the retail price is a Buy It Now option. If you offer the BIN price, the item is *guaranteed* to be yours.

h. naoto

h. Anarchy Short sleeve cutsew / tshirt black - BIN: $30; OBO (+$5 priority; $3 first)

Click for larger
Condition: Brand new and unworn. No tags.
Description: Heavier weight knit, doesn't have a whole lot of stretch.
Sizing: Length (neck at back to hem): 24" / 60cm; width (approximate bust): 34" / 86cm

h. Anarchy Raglan Short sleeve cutsew / tshirt white and black - BIN: $30; OBO (+$5 priority; $3 first)

Click for larger
Condition: Brand new and unworn. No tags.
Description: Heavier weight knit, doesn't have a whole lot of stretch.
Sizing: Length (neck at back to hem): 22.5" / 57cm; width (approximate bust): 34" / 86cm

h. Anarchy Longsleeve Cutsew - BIN: $81; OBO from $32 (+$5 priority; $3 first)

Additional: front detail
Condition: Brand new and unworn. Tags included, shop accidentally removed them.
Description: I bought this and decided it didn't suit me before I even tried it on, whoops, so I didn't even put it on my dressform. My stupidity is your gain. Metallic crowned skull screenprint with decorative zipper and patches, wider studded neckline. Be aware that it has the "f" word twice, quite small, on one of the patches. Heavier weight knit, doesn't have a whole lot of stretch.
Sizing FLAT: Body: length (shoulder to hem): 20.5" / 52cm; width @ hem: 16" / 41cm; width @ shoulder (seam to seam): 13.5" / 34cm
Neck: w @ top: 8.5" / 21.5cm
Sleeves: length: 22 7/8" / 58cm; w @ cuff: 3 7/8" / 9.75cm; w @ upper arm (just below underarm): 6" / 15cm

h. Anarchyism for Plus Zippered Cardigan/Sweatshirt - BIN: $131; OBO from $50 (+$9 priority; $7 parcel)

Additional: front detail
Condition: Brand new with tags, tried on once by me.
Description: Purple zippered cardigan / sweatshirt, medium weight material. Allover pale purple text, spiderweb and ripped fabric appliques, and removable leather coffin with chains and h. naoto logo. I love this shirt but um actually I lift weights and it's a bit tight in the upper arms ^^; So I would rather pass it along to someone it fits better. Great length too - not too short to wear with longer shirts! It will fit larger sizes if you don't want to zip it.
Sizing FLAT: Length center back to hem: 25 3/4" / 65.5cm; shoulder to hem: 26.5" / 68cm
width @ hem (zipped): 18 1/4" / 46cm; w @ bustline (underarm): 17 3/4" / 44/75cm; w @ shoulder: 14 1/4" / 36.5cm
Sleeve: length: 24.5" / 62cm; w@cuff: 4 1/4" / 11cm; w @ upper arm 6" / 15cm

hn+nois Red/Black Tie - BIN: $81; OBO from $30 (+$5 priority; $3 first)

Additional: detail 1 ][ detail 2
Condition: Brand new with tags and unworn.
Description: Adjustable tie with faux leather strap, to make even the plainest blouse awesome.
Sizing: 19 3/4" / 50cm at smallest; 26 1/2" / 67cm max (but you could lengthen chain); Length @ center: 12 3/4" / 33cm

hn+nois Choker/Wristcuff Set A - BIN: $55; OBO from $20 (+$5 priority; $3 first)

Additional: detail ][ cuff 1 ][ cuff 2 ][ cuff 2 back
Condition: Brand new with tags, tried on once.
Description: Super cool choker set with big O-ring. Fabric print is checkered stripes, plaid, barb wire and some random text. The inside fabric is printed as well - you can even wear the choker reversed if you like. Chain attached wristcuffs have two snaps and chain dangles over the back of your hand. Embroidery with modified quote from Dante's Inferno. :3 The adjustment system on the chain is a little weird - the claw doesn't fit well through the links so you may want to add on a jump ring to make it easier if you can't wear the smallest size.
Sizing: Choker: 14.5" / 37cm at smallest; 17 1/4" / 44cm maximum (you could add to the chain); O-ring is 1 3/4" / 4.5cm diameter
Wristcuffs: SM snap: 6 3/4" / 17cm circumference; LG snap: 7.5" / 19cm circumference; Height @ center 2" / 5cm

hn+nois Choker/Wristcuff Set B - BIN: $55; OBO from $20 (+$5 priority; $3 first)

Additional: detail ][ cuff 1 ][ cuff 2 ][ cuff 2 back
Condition: Brand new with tags and unworn.
Description: Same as above, but with slightly different colors.
Sizing: Choker: 14.5" / 37cm at smallest; 17 1/4" / 44cm maximum (you could add to the chain); O-ring is 1 3/4" / 4.5cm diameter
Wristcuffs: SM snap: 6 3/4" / 17cm circumference; LG snap: 7.5" / 19cm circumference; Height @ center 2" / 5cm

hn+nois/Anarchy Skull+Crossbones Mini Purse - BIN: $60; OBO from $25 (+$5 priority; $3 first)

detail ][ interior
Condition: Brand new with tags and unused.
Description: Zippered skull and crossbones bag with back snap pocket, chains, and leather bones (leather may have minor imperfections). Interior pocket and sewn-in tag, "h" print fabric inside. Just the right size for wallet, cell, and personal items. :) I bought two since I thought it was so great and am keeping one!
Sizing: 6.5" / 17cm diameter, 3" / 7cm deep, adjustable strap.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

BtSSB "Pearl" and Bow Choker - BIN: $20; OBO (+$5 priority; $3 first)

Condition: Brand new and unworn, only removed from baggie to photograph; but shop removed the tag D: (They always remove the price tag and it was attached to the label. Think I got a new staffer.)
Description: Plastic pearls, tan velvet bow with teardrop, lobster clasp in back. There are no logos on the item which seems odd, I think that maybe the logo tag is missing, but this is *not* non-brand, it really is Baby. Because there are no tags and part MIGHT be missing though I have priced accordingly.
Sizing: circumference 14.5"/ 37 cm on smallest, 17 1/4" / 44cm at largest (but you could add to the chain)

"Big in Japan": Western Brands

Red and Black "Monk" style Unisex TUK Creepers: US W8 -

Additional: side / tread / box
Description: Brand new; I have an exceptionally narrow ankle and many shoes don't fit me. Might run on the small end of 8. TUK are the best quality creepers you can buy. Sneaker-style doubled stacked sole. I think this style is being discontinued and TUK no longer has this size. I found one tiny silverish dot and *very* faint scuffs on the sole - don't know where they came from since I didn't wear these, would probably come off. (SORRY about the image quality on these, my camera is in the shop; had to use one I got in a swap. :X )
Sizing: US W8, US M6, UK 5, EU39

Doc Marten 14-eye boots with side zip, "Miranda": US W8, $130 OBO

Additional: view 2 / side
Color: Black leather
Description: Love these boots so much I bought a second pair for when the first wore out, but they're not showing any signs of wearing out! So selling these. Never worn, maybe a faint scuff or two from shop wear (would probably come right off). Heel slightly higher than toe, adds some height without looking like a platform (height at back is 2"). Toe a bit wider and more rounded than women's work-type boots usually are, gives more room in the toe and also a bit more interesting silhouette. DMs are a classic choice to dress up or down; famous sole provides great impact cushioning so they wear more like a sneaker than a boot. The original "investment boot", they'll last you for years.
Sizing: Women's US 8

DEMONIA brand Gothic/Cyber/Jrock Platform Boots: US W8 MEGA-618, 5" Platform! $75

Additional: detail 1 / detail 2
Color: Black PU (matte black faux leather)
Description: Awesome Demonia brand boots with five buckles up the side; zipper for easy on and off. These are the Mega-618 style, with the higher 5" platform - it's actually almost 6". These boots are UNWORN - I took one look at the platform height and decided it was overkill for me. :3 Material is veg-friendly black faux leather/pleather (PU = polyurethane) in matte black. NOTE: These ARE my photos, not manufacturer ones!
Sizing: Men's US 6 / Women's US 8

100% Wool Beret - basic beret, very good quality, never worn, still has tags.

Tommy Hilfiger winter hat - had for quite a while, quilted soft material with a shiny lining, faux fur trim on edges and faux fur pom-pom ties.

Gab. magazine Aug 2008 - Berry cover, Plastic Tree, AnCafe, Serial Number (one of the guys owns a Super Dollfie!), Megamasso, Cellt, DaizyStripper, several other bands

Fliers - I ONLY took ones with interesting graphics - Waduru, Vistlip, "Ando" Eccentric Agent, E'm ~grief~, VesuVio, Zipper, Like Absolute Myself, Vernia (x2), Ass'n'ARRow, Aria, Ashe', Skull, Rosario, Araune (x2), C'rock 54, SMILE, Envus, Pizzicato, Lamina, Kra (x2), LiZ (2 different ones), Eremia, バギーボギー(Bagi-Bogi) (x2), NightingeiL, heidi., Hero, Heisei Ishin
(I'm keeping xTRiPx, Aicle, and Rentrer)

Like an Edison "Osaka Renewal Open" comment CD - I have 2 extras (the guy said something about "for your friends"), with 64 different bands (it's kind of like, all of current VK) Includes: Ayabie, 12012, Irokui, NOIZ, Kaya, Kisaki, Serial Number, NoGoD, chariots, D'espairsRay, DuelJewel, Versailles, Matenrou Opera…

Poster: Noiz promo for Galaxy Summer
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