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18 September 2009 @ 12:09 am
Fail on relaxing hour after long day largely comprised of medical fun. Whoops; should have gone with fiction.

context cut for spoilers for 9/17/09 Project RunwayCollapse )

We're all responsible for ourselves, truly; and the consequences of our missteps. But it's a grave and widespread mistake that we have come to believe we are not responsible for the harm we cause others, so frequently for no reason besides not caring enough about anyone but ourselves enough to THINK before we speak. So loudly and with such conviction. The ugliness is what we broadcast (so literally). It will always be there; but if you feed that kind of monster it keeps eating until there's little else left.

I worry, very sincerely, that our society has come to glorify viciousness so much that we don't even recognize it any more, most especially in ourselves. It's gotten so easy. Well, there are only two things we can ever change about our world: ourselves, and the channel. Thank you, Project Runway, for making both easier.
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30 August 2009 @ 12:37 pm
If you are on the Syfy Channel's mailing list - DO NOT OPEN/CLICK ON TODAY'S NEWSLETTER.

For myself I'm in a "enter username/password" loop and cannot get it to go away so I can access ANY of my mail. It may be too late to help, and it likely depends on people's email programs but . . . in Mail, I CAN'T stop the program from "opening" the email. (And yes, I naturally tried all my logins I could think of.) If Syfy's fix is a resend, I have no idea how I'll fix the problem so I can access my email :D

Thanks for ruining my life morning, Syfy. XP

For anyone who finds this post who has not found a way to get RID of the ruddy thing, here is the solution for Mac OS X Mail users:
In Mail, go to:
File -- New Viewer Window
In the new viewer, double-click the separator (bar with dot on it) between the list of emails, and the preview of the message below. With the preview gone, you can safely select the Syfy.com Members email and delete it. If you don't have anything else in your Mail trash folder, go ahead and get rid of it for good:
Mailbox -- Erase deleted messages -- In all accounts
(or hit Apple+K)

GOOD RIDDANCE. Thank you also, Syfy.com, for not replying to my message asking for assistance after your message left me with a window I couldn't close even if I restarted.
27 July 2009 @ 04:29 pm
I'm back from SDCC, largely incoherent because of what I can describe as "jetlag" . . . but it's really just exhaustion, I think I just barely made it through the con. I had to almost triple my medication dosage (con probably qualifies as "stress, injury or illness" lol), and my caffeine intake, so I'll be paying the price for a few days but I'll do my best. My legs were so swollen last night there were big dents in my feet from my shoelaces. x.x;

I have at LEAST 1200 photos to deal with (whether any are decent I dunno), I will get them on Flickr fast as I can and also do a report ASAP. I will say now that I got into all the panels I tried to except one - almost nobody made it into Disney 3D, due to the Twihards (oh wait we didn't make Mighty Boosh but we were there quite late). That means I DID get into Disney for Miyazaki; Lost, Iron Man 2, and Mythbusters (among others). I saw more celebrities than I can really wrap my head around, and had some fantastically good luck with people in general, which made hour upon hour in line and two straight days in Hall H at worst completely bearable. I need to take some swag photos though I didn't do much of that. I will be slow catching up on LJ, please be patient.

Next year will be the year we'll all link arms and storm it like the gates of Mordor, good will prevail or we'll fall as heroes, I believe it . . .
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02 July 2009 @ 11:57 pm
Please hold for an emergency fangirl alert.

AHHHHHH holy fricking Stick Bejeebus on a pale horse with a kazoo shaped like Batman

Miyazaki is coming to SDCC O_O @_@ (to promote Ponyo)

i wonder if there will be a line

Now I have to find some way to not feel like hell and make it to/through the con :( Seriously. For an anime/manga fan (or just an animation fan!), short of Tezuka (or Walt Disney) rising from the dead, this is as big as it gets. (Zombie Disney is 2010.)

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled spaz-free programming.
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03 June 2009 @ 08:00 pm
Augh I'm feeling really awful today so I thought, okay, I'll play some FFIII. I had trouble in Castle Hein a while back so I had restarted before that to level up w/ a different class (after Dwarven Hollows). Except now, I can't get thrown into the dungeon, even though it's supposed to happen right when I walk into Tokkul. What's a group of weirdly-dressed, heavily armed people gotta do to get arrested around here? D: (Seriously, I don't know what to do, wtf. T_T So much for THAT idea.)

Soooo . . . has anyone been poking about E3 stuff? I guess it's weird that I have since I'm hardly a gamer. But I'm looking forward to Fragile and Shiren the Wanderer 3 (Wii) and if I had a PS3, I loved WipEout* back in the day and would love to play in sexy HD; and really want to play The Last Guardian . . . (Maybe I'll have one by the time it comes out :P) And Pop Island for DS looks fun (as a big Mario Kart DS fan). I'm also pretty amused that World Destruction is getting a US release (even if Morte sounds funny). The anime for it was fun x_x

*Did you know WipEout was in Hackers? lol. XL (the second game) also has a bunch of Red Bull billboards in it. Before anyone knew wtf Red Bull was.

Speaking of video games . . . (embedded)
Dance Dance ImmolationCollapse )
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01 June 2009 @ 09:09 pm
Sorry for . . . whatever, I'm only just barely able to tolerate this medication dose still. Hopefully it will improve soon. I'm not to go down again for at least another week (basically each time I go down I'm going to feel worse again). But I promised illustrated chipmunk stories; I shall deliver. I took these in a light drizzle/through glass, so they're not great, but I did what I could.


Since you're here, help yourself to some girls playing a giant piano.
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10 May 2009 @ 09:39 pm
Yeah it's not much since I didn't take any pictures (except a handful of dollies) so you will have to make up your own visual aids. I was only there part of Friday and part of Saturday, even though I expected to be there longer. Traumatized the dog by leaving with a suitcase twice and coming home. But it was the most I could manage. Definitely not feeling great today, keep getting weird waves of nausea, may need to bring that up with the endo on Thurs re: possible adrenal insufficiency (and need to go take some more Tylenol, stupid incisions are *really* hurting).

the good news is, it's really short! :P Collapse )

Well, cheers to enjoying what you can, and to the road to getting better not being quite as long, dark and lonely as the one becoming sick. My cell phone horoscope yesterday promised good things so you know it's true.
07 May 2009 @ 12:04 am
I feel really horrible tonight and should have gone to bed about two hours ago. Probably what I get for trying to lower the medication again. Will have to go back up tomorrow.

You have been warned: I don't think I will make it through ACen, even though I have like . . . nothing I'm doing there anyhow. But I guess the thing to do is try it, and if I get too tired, I go home. I suppose that makes sense.

I can't verbalize how sick I am of being sick, any more than I can explain what I mean when I say "tired". But the other day I was thinking it's good that no one can really understand, because it's not something I'd want other people to feel. :\
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16 April 2009 @ 07:12 pm
Sci-fi fans may want to watch CSI: tonight (@8 CST); the episode is set at a "convention inspired by Comic-con". When they do goofy episodes, they're usually really good, so it doesn't matter if you watch it regularly (especially since it'll be a "secondary character" ep). From the teaser it looks like Wendy the snarky lab tech will be in a Trek-alike costume, and the victim-of-the-week bites it on the bridge of the Enterprise.

BTW I think the new sitcom running before Lost, Better Off Ted, is actually quite funny (especially the fake ads); though they're not kidding about "and now for something completely different" when Lost comes on . . . (I continue to love Lost, even if I was peeved we only got 60 seconds of Dan before the end. But Miles is great; though he still reminds me of Jon from Jon and Kate Plus 8, which is scary. Not because "all Asians look alike"; it's the attitude!)

And from last night since I got a terrible migraine :P Through an odd series of things I just found out about an indies lolita brand called Kikirara Shoten. It's like burlesque and lolita got hooked on period fashion, moved to Vegas, and then had colorblind illegitimate babies who decided to be designers. Some of it looks like it's from a maid cosplay cafe in hell, which isn't unique; but some is just beyond epic. This is some of the most hideous, atrociously awful fashion I have ever seen. I think I'm in love.
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10 April 2009 @ 12:02 am

I need this printed on a t-shirt or something, since it seems to be my obligatory motto. :| My steri-strips are off now, incisions looking pretty good; I thought I was past it hurting (just uncomfy), but then today activity aggravated it I guess and I spent several hours unable to move much. They're still having to tweak my steroid dosage, as well, prior to even starting to wean me off it; so I'm having lots of fun alternating between being too tired to move and too anxious I can't focus. I do feel like . . . there's a weight that got lifted, and a few symptoms have improved already, but it's not magic and it won't be fast.

If we have a loose end of importance, please remind me. It probably would be from stress anyway, but my brain is still medically fried and I may have honestly forgotten. As I'm hopefully becoming able to do it, I know I need to re-prioritize a lot and just try to focus on the things that are most important. That's still a challenge now since I am not together and the list of things I CAN do versus the things I need or want to do doesn't match up well . . . but I will try and get life back on track.

Because my brother was at the GDC (Game Developer's Conference) last weekend, I got his extra swag, in the form of an advance copy of the new DS game Rhythm Heaven. Well, I only got around to playing it a day early, but since it launched on Sunday that means you can get it. It's technically a sequel to a Japan-only GBA game; apparently it was co-developed by the producer of Morning Musume . . . Anyhow consider it recommended, I think it's a real general-appeal game.
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Your holiday-related link: spice up religions teaching with "fun visual representation(s) of each plague" . . .

From the guy who did the really cool Mario Kart video: "Best of Elevator".

You can also have an article about the pretty depressing "dark side" of Dubai but I doubt anyone will read that. Messed up, sci-fi dystopian stuff though. Too bad it's real.

*edit* And even now I remember things :P Thank you jedijenchan for the flowers, they're lovely (geh I forgot to take a photo earlier) and that was really sweet and thoughtful of you.
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